Current Version: Alpha 5 (06/13/2019)

NOTE: While the web version works it runs a bit sluggish. I can't do anything about that as it is a problem within Godot, the engine I am using. I have added downloadable version for each OS which should run better. Break of the Dungeon won't be released in this matter so this isn't a problem, but will be the only way to try it without downloading it.

Break of the Dungeon is an action adventure breakout game in which you must not only break blocks, but fight off hordes of enemies to win. You can play the latest alpha (Alpha 5 as of 06/13/2019) and check out the latest news regarding Break of the Dungeon. Thank you for taking the time out to view this page and please leave a post and let me know you stopped by.


  • This is an alpha and does not represent the final product.
    • However, don't hesitate to reach out to me if there is a problem. I try to get back to everyone within 24 hours and have any issues fixed in 72.
    • If something in these instructions isn't clear let me know and I will fix that as well.
  • The game will continue until you die.
    • You have 12 health points. Losing the ball and getting attacked by enemies will lose you one point.
    • When you die you can hit the 'reset button' to start the game over.
  • You will gain a health point every second pattern cleared
  • You have a chance to get a health point when killing a monster
  • When you hit a monster block you will be sent into fight mode
  • You will gain full control the character and have to fight the enemies that spawn in before going back to break mode.


  • Move Player
    • Arrow Keys
    • W/A/S/D
    • I/J/K/L
    • Note: You can only move horizontally in break mode.
  • Summon Ball
    • X
    • .  (Period key)
    • Note: This can only be done when there is not a ball in play and you are in break mode
  • Sword Attack
    • Z
    • , (Comma Key)
    • Note: This can only be done in fight mode
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Release date Nov 02, 2018
Made withGodot, Aseprite
TagsBreakout, Godot, zelda
Average sessionA few minutes


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