Weekly Update #2

 It is true that time waits for no man because it is time for our weekly update. Last week delivered me some heavy blows so it was a bit rough, but that doesn't mean the hustle stops. The most important take away from last week was that no one is going to help me ship this title so I have to buckle down and do it on my own. With that being said I've decided to rebrand myself and change somethings up. If you pay close attention you might have already noticed some of the changes, but I'll make sure to point them out at another time.

Despite the heavy blows, I got a lot of work done with Break of the Dungeon. I finished cleaning my code up and even properly setup my git repo for the project. After all, that was said and done, I went back to working on marathon mode. Most of the hard work was decided how I wanted the JSON feed setup for the marathon pattern sets. That honestly took more time then it did get it set up in the game, but with that said marathon mode is almost complete! Giving the nature of marathon mode and the fact that I have two modes now, I won't be able to update the build until I get some UI done. Hopefully, that won't take but another week or so thought that's not even the biggest change coming to Break of the Dungeon...but we'll save that for next week. n_n

Before I go I want to make sure everyone knows that Break of the Dungeon has an official Twitter page now for all the little mini-updates I plan to post. Be sure to follow @BreakDungeon!

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