Weekly Update #1

What's up everyone! It's been about a week since I announced that I had resumed work on Break of the Dungeon so I thought I offer up a little update on what's been going on. I'm getting ready for the release of the next alpha which will include a new mode, marathon, and UI elements that have been missing. In marathon mode you will complete a set of patterns and gain a score based on time and health remaining which is prefect when you just want to jump for a quick game versus endless mode. I also planned to add UI elements for health and proper game over/game won screens. I am also hoping to get pause functionality in as well. Another thing I like to get done for this alpha, if not the next, is a mobile build for iOS and Android. I believe Break of the Dungeon would work well on mobile platforms because it is a great game to pull out when you want to waste some time especially with marathon mode. I am not sure when the next alpha will be release, but I will do my best to post weekly updates on whats been going on.

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