Super Secret Kittens was the world renown title released just five years ago. It was revolutionary in how it brought greatness to the user experience. The controls were so intuitive in how they utilized the mouse to control a target to freeze the super cute kittens invading. The story is so revolutionary that it can't even be explained!!!

Now I present you with the demake of said classic which is somehow infinitely better. Instead of a mouse to control the target you use the arrow keys. Who know you could get better controls from such a title!!!! You even start the game with the 'S' key and fire your freeze ray with the 'A' key. You really can't do any better then this game. I mean the gameplay is the best. Freeze as many kittens as you can in 60 seconds...I mean really.  You may have played Red Dead, but have you played Super Kittens?

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