[Note: This game was made for the #indiequilt jam and ranked 2nd out of 79 games!]

When peace is interrupted & all is lost...Who do we turn to?

When destruction regins & darkness overcomes...What do we do?

When life stands still & there is no solution in sight...How do we cope?

NO NEED TO WORRY!!! Force Defender is on the rise! The Xi Empire has come to wreak havoc spreading their negative energies, but Force Defender has arrived on the scene!

Take control of Force Defender, warrior of greatness, and defeat members of the Xi Empire using your infamous Force Shot in 10 epic levels! Do so in a timely manner because you only have 30 seconds before the negative energies of the Xis overcome all!

Current Verison: 1.0


W,A,S,D for movement

Space to shoot

E to exit stage after winning/losing a level to return to menu


Everything but music - Asix Jin Trigger

Title Screen Music - MooseHead: New Dawn by w33n

Regular Battle Music - Go Fast Dance Hard by RoccoW

Mid-Boss Battle Music - Nu-Pentatonic by Manamaniac

Anti Defender Battle Music - Untitled LSDJ wank #1 by Pigface1985

Thank you to Destenie for all her support!

Feedback can be sent to AsixJin@AsentrixStudios.com

Release date Jul 22, 2014
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tagsbattle-network, Game Boy, indiequilt, megaman, timed

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