Devlog #7.5 - Forgotten

[I forgot to finish and publish this devlog before my life flipped turned upside down. I haven't worked on Spades Budokai in over two months, but now I am back and I plan to address the absence and all the positive things that have taken over my life. So enjoy this quick unfinished devlog entry and expect to hear from me soon.]

  • Still hard at work on the combat system. As stated in the previous devlog, I started working on actions and implementing them using JSON. For each action there will be a JSON feed that will tell the combat system how it works. The most important part is the "commands" array which holds objects that will tell the combat system how it works which the system will carry out when said action is selected. I'll probably go more into this in a more detailed post.
  • Once I implemented the attack action into the combat system I started work on the UI. I'm really happy with how I got it done this time as oppose to my last few attempts. After a few days I was able to complete the menus for selecting actions, cards, and targets. I still have to do menus for techs, but I'll wait until I actual have some.
  • I made the character in the asset pack I'm using the be black...Unfortunately most asset packs lack flavor when it comes to skin tones.

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