Devlog #6 - Undocumented Actions

  • I am using a plugin to handle the dialog for Super Spades Budokai. It's called Godot Dialogue System 2 and while it has a lot of potential the plugin is horribly undocumented, relies on separate paid software, and the creator does not seem to be support it very well and for those reason I can't really recommend it. However, I have already paid for it so I will use it unless a better solution comes around. I'd rather make my own system, but I don't have the time at the moment.

    [Like seriously...Document your code so folks know what to do.]
  • I started rebuilding the combat system and nearly ran into my first big issue with Godot and C# when using custom resources. After you create a custom resource you are able to open a dialog within Godot to create said dialog, but this doesn't happen like it's suppose to in a C# project. Fortunately this problem can be alleviated by creating an empty resource then adding the script or by making an editor plugin script.
  • Started working on the actions for the combat system and I decided to approach it a bit differently then my last project. I decided to go with a data-driven approach and have each action laid out via JSON feed. I'm still working out how to implement this exactly, but I am making steady progress. I'll be discussing this more on the next devlog

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