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Inspired by my love for black indie films and Saturday morning cartoons, I introduce to you Super Spades Budokai, the turn-based Spades RPG. 

Play your cards right to win books and deal damage to your opponents. Then use those books to unleash special skills called techs to devastate the competition. This style of combat is called Spades Martial Arts (or SMA for short) and those who practice it are called tricksters.

Follow the journey of two tricksters as they hone their skills and seize their dreams: 

  • Inspired by black indie films and hood movies like State Property, petty criminal Joe is tired of being on the bottom tier and decides to build a team to take over the Underworld.
  • Inspired by 90s Saturday morning cartoons and anime like Yu-Gi-Oh, Bob is a novice tricksters who wants to compete in the Grand Spades Championship, but first he'll have to pay his dues to Team Goon.

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