NOTE: I'm sorry I never put instructions on how to play. Use the space key to advance the text and the mouse to select the options. Be careful though....There is a bug that will advance the text if you move the mouse in a certain way.

Subspace Before tells the story of a young man lost with no other options...What can he do? When will it all stop...?


This game serves three purposes:

1)It's my entry for #notGDC

2)It serves as a test/demonstration of my Godot dialog manager

3)It's a prologue to another game I am working on



Programming & Script: Asix Jin

Music: Asix Benson

Background Graphic: IgnasD

Dialog Graphics are from the Nostalgia asset pack by Ocean's Dream

Logo was made with Textcraft


Special Thanks

Big shout out to Jarvisthejellyfish for helping with the shaders!

Shout out to my support system! I love you all!

Thanks to my soon to be wife because without her none of this is possible.

And, of course, thank you for playing!